Polycarbonate Labels

Polycarbonate is a very versatile durable plastic, which provides great strength at a light weight. Trade names used for polycarbonate include LEXAN, MAKROLON, ULTEM, and VALOX. Polycarbonate is the substrate of choice used for a majority of graphic overlay applicationsbecause of its cost versus benefits derived, as compared to other substrates available. A variety of adhesives and adhesive thicknesses are available in combination with polycarbonate to custom manufacture graphic overlays, decals, nameplates, faceplates, control panels, and labels. We also offer a range of textures for polycarbonate substrates, including velvet Lexan labels and overlays. In addition to its use in second surface printing such as with graphic overlays, it is used as a laminate to protect labels which are screen printed or digitally printed. Polycarbonate in thicknesses from 5 mil to 20 mil is available.


• Graphic overlays, nameplates, faceplates, decals & control panels
• Parking decals and hang tags • Self-laminating labels
• Prime product & Digital labels
• High heat applications • Drum and hazard labels
• UL & RoHS labels • Commercial uses
• ANSI warning labels • Optically clear material is needed
• OSHA hazard & caution labels • Automotive
• Sequentially numbered labels • Outdoor uses
• Battery shield in consumer electronics applications • Electronics
• Construction tools and equipment • Water & weatherproof labels
• Insulator against heat • Factory and machinery labels
• Insulator in dielectric applications • Barcode labels
• As a spacer in electronic applications • Industrial

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